Vegetarian? You’re In!

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Vegetarian? You’re In! image
We at Harper & Cordon, are proud to claim that all of our products are vegetarian-friendly. Most items, of course, may have milk, honey or other natural ingredients harvested harmlessly from animals, which may not be suitable for vegans. But all of H&CO products are free of any animal-derived ingredients that are obtained as a result of animal slaughter.

We make our products with love and care. We source some of the finest raw ingredients from the corners of the globe. We harness the skills of the best human resources and add our expertise to create the best gourmet treats that you could have. We never test on animals, and all our products are cruelty-free.

At Harper & Cordon, we also are committed to using only the finest quality ingredients available in all our products. We use 100% Belgian couverture, European dairy and careful selection of local and imported ingredients in the kitchen. Each of the creations that H&CO offers is handmade by a team of talented chefs and cooks in our production kitchen.

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5 Foods to Help Boost Immunity and Soothe Nerves in This Pandemic Situation

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5 Foods to Help Boost Immunity and Soothe Nerves in This Pandemic Situation image

Are you feeling anxious about the coronavirus or the flu? If so, you aren't alone. It's easy to feel anxious during times of uncertainty. While you can't guarantee that you won't encounter illness, what you can take charge of is eating foods to help boost your immune system and calm your nerves.

Here are some of the best foods to help your body fight off illness and soothe your anxiety.


Ginger is a strong antioxidant and naturally helps boost the immune system, kills the cold virus, and best of all detoxes the system by relaxing the intestinal tract. Therefore, if your stomach is in knots from flu and illness anxiety, ginger may be the best thing to help calm your upset stomach. Try a ginger tea or add dashes of ginger as a spice. Make ginger shots by combining one-fourth cup of peeled, fresh ginger root with one-fourth cup of freshly squeezed lemon juice. Add honey or sugar to taste, combine well, and strain.


A dose of vitamin C is great for boosting your immune system. Mandarin oranges are portable and easy to carry along wherever you go. Or try kiwi, which has the highest level of vitamin C of the citrus fruits. Or add some lemon in your water.

Best of all, studies have shown the scent of citrus fruit to be calming, which can also help reduce your anxiety level. In a study of people who were about to go into surgery, participants inhaled the aroma of orange or water. The orange scent significantly reduced anxiety levels. Your body doesn't store vitamin C, so you need it continually/daily.


Honey has been used since ancient times as an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. Honey also has a high sugar content, which can help stop the growth of certain bacteria. It also helps heal wounds. This is great news. We all love honey. Combine several of the above anti-inflammatory ingredients to make hot tea with garlic, honey, ginger, and lemon.

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This is one of the nutrient-dense vegetables you can eat with vitamin K, vitamin E, chromium, potassium, magnesium, and folic acid. Surprisingly, it is loaded with vitamin C, which we often think of with citrus fruits. Don't overcook it, as it depletes some of the nutrients.


Chocolate helps us to feel soothed and brings us a lot of joy—which we need when feeling anxious. When we feel happy, we are less vulnerable to illness. Chocolate also contains an immune-boosting antioxidant called theobromine. So have an ounce of dark chocolate today and enjoy it.

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Last but not least, we wish you and your loved ones well, and we hope that we can still bring people joy in some small way – we remain open and ready to deliver. Until then, stay safe and stay inside.

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5 Tips to Level Up Your Hot Chocolate While Stay at Home

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Archaeological findings in present-day Guatemala suggest Mayans were drinking some derivative of what we affectionately call “hot cocoa” some 1,500 years ago. Introduced to Europe by Spanish explorer Hernan Cortes, this warming New World drink was an instant hit among members of the Spanish aristocracy. It would still be a couple of centuries before hot chocolate made the transition from a luxury item to an accessible winter beverage, but the cocoa fever had already started to settle in.

Today, hot chocolate is enjoyed by the masses in many different forms. Some of the more creative and adventurous homeowners and apartment dwellers even make their own hot cocoa from scratch. If you enjoy hot chocolate and are the type of person who loves to make things yourself, employ the following tips the next time you mix a batch of warm cocoa in your home kitchen.

Just follow these five smart tips to level up your own hot chocolate while staying at home.


There are a number of powdered hot chocolate mixes that will do the trick if you’ve got a craving and you don’t have the time, energy, or ingredients to cook up an authentic batch. A powdered form of chocolate drink is now available everywhere too. It provides convenience to enjoy a chocolate drink anytime, any day.


For a more memorable batch of hot chocolate, use whole milk rather than reduced-fat or fat-free. The creaminess of whole milk complements the mild sweetness of dark chocolate perfectly. If you are vegan or have dietary restrictions that otherwise limit your dairy intake, substitute almond or cashew milk.


Have you ever had dark chocolate sprinkled with sea salt? It’s delicious! And so is rich hot chocolate with just a pinch of salt. Salt and dark chocolate react somehow to create a truly indescribable taste, and it gives any batch of homemade hot chocolate the perfect flavor profile.

Cinnamon is one of the healthiest spices you can eat. It helps regulate blood pressure, reduce harmful cholesterol, and stave off heart disease. But these are only added benefits. The real reason to add cinnamon to hot chocolate is to improve its taste, if you like cinnamon and complex flavors, that is. If you do not care for cinnamon or get bored with it and are looking to alter the flavor of your hot chocolate, other spices to add include cardamom, cloves, nutmeg, and chili powder.


If you are looking to have a truly life-changing hot chocolate experience, honor Hernan Cortes by doing it the Spanish way. Home make churros and serve them with an extra thick batch of genuine hot chocolate. You can dip the churros in the chocolate while it’s too hot to drink, enjoying what’s left once it has reached a temperature that won’t burn your tongue.

Take one or more of these tips to heart next time you warm up a batch of hot chocolate, and enjoy the experience like never before.

For your best experience of perfect hot chocolate at home, look no further than Harper & Cordon’s. H&CO Hot Chocolate Powder is made of a mixture of couverture chocolates, milk powder, sugar, and cocoa powder.  It contains no added artificial coloring, flavoring nor preservatives.

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7 Interesting Facts about Gifts that Many of Us Don’t Know

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Do you know men are likely to wait for the last minute than women to buy a gift? You didn’t know that, isn’t it? Well, that is because no one discusses such facts behind gifting. Though gifting is one of the universal rituals that are followed by everyone of every age but still people are unaware of many interesting facts about gifts. So let us make you aware of some very interesting and unknown facts of gifting.

Gifting is an amazing way of confessing love, affection, and care. Also, people find gifting as one of the best ways of conveying their hearty feelings to their near and dear ones during special moments of life. Unlikely, people are not aware of many interesting facts about gifts and the act of gifting, such as:

Wrapping paper originated in China

The use of wrapping paper was first documented in ancient China, where the paper was invented in the 2nd century BC. In the Southern Song dynasty, monetary gifts were wrapped with paper, forming an envelope known as a chih pao. The wrapped gifts were distributed by the Chinese court to government officials.

Women make better gift selection than men

Yes, that’s true! In comparison to men, women prove to be a better selector of gifts. They can easily figure out what can be that perfect gift for the dear one, irrespective of his/her age, likes and dislikes, occupation and other aspects than men. It is quite likely to seem men of every age feel baffled over the idea of gifting.

Around 50% of recipients don’t like the gift been received by them

It’s another interesting fact about gifts that is a bitter truth for many to know. Despite all the efforts been made by one to buy a gift for someone dear, it’s likely for the recipient to not find the gift good enough. This happens because many times people fail to analyze what can be the perfect gift for their dear one. Therefore, giving useful gifts is considered the best way of winning the like of the recipient for the gift been gifted.

Men typically have a liking for useful gifts than romantic or captivating ones

Unlike women who are usually romantic and emotional by heart, men are quite practical in nature. Maybe this is the reason that they have a typical liking for useful gifts than any other attractive or romantic gift. You can truly impress a woman with an attractive decorative item but to impress a man, you must prefer something useful.

Red is the favorite gift wrapping color

Wrapping a gift with an attractive packing paper is the act of beautifying a gift in the eyes of the receiver. And as per a survey, red-colored wrapping paper is the most favorite of many people. Basically people prefer beautifying the gift box by wrapping in bright colors like red, blue, green, golden and other.

Women prefer gifting more gifts than men

The act of gifting is the generous way of showing affection to someone or to surprise any special one. But surprisingly, women understand the joviality behind gifting much better than men do. This is the reason that more women of different ages buy gifts than men.

Giving increases your happiness

Giving can help you focus less on yourself and more on others. According to research, giving becomes addictive and positive feelings increase your happiness. Giving gifts lifts your mood, elevates your self-esteem, strengthens your social connections, lowers stress levels, and it really is contagious!

After all, every gift is a wish for happiness. No matter what the occasion, show your gesture of generosity and express your happiness to celebrate it with family, friends or your loved ones through our exclusive gift box or hamper selections filled with handcrafted cookies, travel cakes, and chocolates designed to please any connoisseur.

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5 Easy Steps to Host Your Perfect Gathering

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Most people think the gathering is a boring social activity that you must attend to. It got worse when you are appointed to host a gathering. Most people are afraid of creating an awkward situation while doing a gathering, whether it is a family gathering or a work gathering. However, you can always bring a perfect gathering to your guests. How does that happen?

Just follow these five easy steps to host the perfect gathering!


Keep it SIMPLE. If you pick your date based on a season or certain celebration, you can build your theme around that. You can pick a theme depends on what kind of gathering you want to hold and what do you want to do. You can also make a simple decoration according to this theme.


You need to make a guest list you want to invite to your gathering. By making an invitation list, you may invite people who you relate the most. On the other hand, by making an invitation list, you may reckon on how many people that may come to your gathering event. It helps you make sure that there are enough meals for all the guests.


Inviting guests without considering the amount of space you have in your place would be a new problem. Therefore, you have to make sure that the place is enough to accommodate your guests. Furthermore, you also need to think about the cleanliness of your place. In a formal gathering, it is not a necessity to decorate a room. You just need to make sure that everything is well-planned. However, if you make a gathering with a theme, you need to put decorations along the room to make it more joyous and pleasant.


It is not perfect having a gathering without food and drinks everywhere. Therefore, make that you have prepared all the meals properly. You have to taste them that the meals are delicious, not to mention their amount is enough for the guests. You can also ask your guests regarding the food or drinks they have allergic on. There are, of course, some snacks and drinks that can be served on almost every occasion, especially in gathering like this. You can serve your guests with both savory and sweet treats.

Need a more convenient way to prepare all the stuff and keep entertaining your guests? H&CO Event is designed to perpetuate the inimitable art of entertaining. H&CO Event offers sweet and savory ala carte food, planned menu, and on-site event with full butler service. Leave your food catering to us and enjoy your hassle-free casual soiree or a grand celebration.


You should prepare and initiate a great and friendly conversation to cheer up your guests. Many people do not like to go into social activities such as gathering, but you can make them change their minds. You can politely start a conversation with the quiet people in the room. By initiating an enchanting conversation with the guests, you can avoid the awkward situation during the event. Therefore, you can boost your guests’ mood by showing how friendly you are as the host.

Last but not least, it’s always a great gesture to send guests home with something. If you are looking for something of true flavor experience, look no further 'cause our gift box selections are to impress your recipients.⁠ Get our exclusive gift box selections filled with handcrafted cookies, travel cakes, and chocolates only at Harper & Cordon.

Conducting a gathering as a host is an exhausting task. However, as the host, you need to stay focus on serving your guests properly. Everything should be prepared meticulously, not to mention the budget for this event. Therefore, by following the steps above, you can hold a perfect, memorable gathering at your place. Have fun!




8 Unique Gift Ideas for International Women’s Day

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8 Unique Gift Ideas for International Women’s Day image

The 8th of March is on its way! Yes, that special time of the year when you get an opportunity to acknowledge and appreciate the contribution of women in various areas. Celebrated with great enthusiasm, International Women’s Day reflects the struggles women have been through for centuries. This is the perfect time to create awareness about serious issues like women empowerment and gender equality in society. 

There are several ways to make this day a fun-filled event for the important women in your life. Gift giving is the most exciting one out of all of them. So we are here with unique gift ideas for International Women’s Day to help you let your ladies know that you feel lucky to have them in life.

Here are our top 8 gift suggestions for International Women’s Day.


Flowers are the most pleasant items to show your affection and appreciation. A bouquet of mesmerizing blooms says more than 1000 words and makes the perfect gift to convey the message of love, care, and gratitude towards your wife or girlfriend on Women’s Day. You don’t even have to leave the comfort of your house and can easily order fresh blossoms from Harper & Cordon. They will make an amazing Women’s Day surprise for your lady love.

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Being the reason for your existence, your mom is the most important woman in your life who knows you inside out. We understand that you can never thank her enough for all the love and sacrifices she has made for you. But you can always put a big smile on her face by gifting fresh and air-purifying green plants on Women’s Day. A mother’s basic nature is nurturing, so the plant would grow well under your mother’s care and maintenance. It will fill the house with greenery and positivity by adding welcoming vibes to it.


Reading is a great habit to inculcate which makes people more creative and smart. Books have the ability to inspire and transport your senses to a different world. Encourage your young daughter to read more and more by gifting her an empowering book on Women’s Day. The encouraging stories will motivate her to dream big and take chances to realize her dreams.


There can’t be a better Women’s Day gift than glamorous cosmetic collection for your diva sister. Full of all the beauty or skincare essentials, such as face cream, hand cream, lip balm, eyeliner, eye shadow and many more, they will make your sister feel happy and special. Also, such a desirable gift will show that you care about her and know her preferences quite well.


Memories are the best treasures that people love to cherish once they grow old. How about making a DIY photo album for your dear grandmom on Women’s Day? You can choose the best family photos to create the album that your grandmom adores the most. Write a cute note in front of each photograph like where was it taken or any funny incident related to it. Decorate the album using colored ribbons and lovely stickers to make it look more attractive.


Let her celebrate the idea of equality, freedom, and compassion with mouth-watering cakes for Women’s Day. This is the perfect occasion to celebrate the triumph of ordinary women who make a difference in your life. Be it your mother, sister, wife, daughter or your colleague smile with a special gift from you on their Day. And HOWEY Patissier arrays for you here, the choicest gifts for her.

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This month we're celebrating the wow of women. Surprise a special woman in your life with gifts for her that include a sweet fruit arrangement and bring proud smiles. Harper & Cordon offers a delicious assortment of fresh fruit arrangements that are sure to make the women of your life smile this Women’s Day. Our truly unique creations use only the freshest of fruit for each and every fruit arrangement.

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Nothing beats a good box of finest gourmet gifts or treats that you carefully selected especially for her. At Harper & Cordon, we are committed to using only the finest quality ingredients available in all our products. We use 100% Belgian couverture, European dairy and careful selection of local and imported ingredients in the kitchen. Each of the creations that H&CO offers is handmade by a team of talented chefs and cooks in our production kitchen. Making these the best gift you could have ever imagined for her.

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Send these gifts as a token of love to show the important women in your life how much they mean to you.





5 Creative Ways to Re-use Your H&CO Hamper Basket

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5 Creative Ways to Re-use Your H&CO Hamper Basket image

Christmas and Chinese New Year are two holidays celebrated by many people across the globe. Everybody does their own way to celebrate. In many countries, people tend to share their happiness with others. Meanwhile, some people prefer to do a gift exchange. This would be very interesting since many members of a group of friends or family take part.

In some countries, both occasions are celebrated by using traditional touch. For instance, holding a family gathering, praying together, and visiting the elders. They are also well prepared to hold the event to ensure everything runs well. They give a gift to each other to create better vibes. Did you get H&CO hamper basket from the recent Christmas or recently?

Nothing needs to go to waste when you receive H&CO hamper basket, every product is carefully hand-selected to be both practical and a tasty treat. We have been always working on designing, selecting and testing the basket that not only perfectly protects the hamper’s contents but also to look so amazing that you’ll want to use them again and again, year after year!

Here are our top 5 ways to re-use your H&CO hamper basket, once all the treats have been enjoyed.


You can modify your hamper basket as bathroom storage. First, you need to decide what storage you want to make. You can add some wools to divide the basket into some parts. It eases you to put toiletries in. They can be put in a certain part of the basket according to their type. For instance, put a toothbrush in the same place where the toothpaste stands.

Since the bathroom is a wet area, make sure that your basket covered by something waterproof. You have to keep your stuff dry to maintain the cleanliness. If needed, you can bind the basket with your unused clothes as a rope that can make your basket hung in a certain object.


If you have some pets in your house, you can use your hamper basket as a pet bed. The simple way to make it is by adding some stuff in. Ensure that the basket is bigger than your pet body. A cat, an adorable animal, does not need a big space to sleep. You can use as small as 40 centimeters basket as the pet bed. 

To make him/her more comfortable, add something that will be used as the pad. You can use your unused towel, fabric, cloth, or pillow, and put it inside. Do not forget to cover the whole area to make it warmer.


Possibly one of the most common places to get cluttered easily, the kitchen would make a great home for your new hamper basket, holding dried foods, utensils, accessories and reusable food containers. Hamper basket is wonderfully versatile in the kitchen. Ideal for sliding into a kitchen island, they can hold a variety of dry goods and packets making your cupboards more accessible. They are also perfect for rounding up lunch boxes and drinks bottles.

Kitchen storage is an important component that many people have in the house. Because of its function as the place for kitchen stuff, you can use your hamper basket to make something new that has a unique value. You can add an unuse fabric or rope to divide it into several parts. One part can be used as the place for fork and spoon, knife, and other sharp stuff.


Any parent will know that toy storage is an ongoing issue! Children often have a tendency to love what can only be described as ‘bits and bobs’ that seem to migrate to every corner and surface of the house – hiding them in the new hamper basket is the perfect solution.

Hamper basket also makes fantastic storage for children’s toys as they contain enough capacity for large items. With a variety of toys that range from action figures to soft animals, turning a hamper basket into a toy box is an easy way to tidy a chaotic bedroom and is easily accessible for playtime.


One of our favorite ways of re-using hamper basket is to make them into planters. Whether you fill your them with pre-potted herbs to sit on your kitchen windowsill, or line them and fill them with soil to make extra planting space in a small garden, hamper basket make simple additions to your living space.

Urban planting nowadays is gaining more attention, especially from millennials. You can modify your hamper basket as the place for some plants. For planters, this re-use method is known as the easiest way to do the planting. The most important thing that you need to do is covering the bottom part with something that’s waterproof. Place them in front of your window or line them in a certain place that has a space to get sun rays.

Those are the top 5 ways to re-use your H&CO hamper basket that you can do easily. All recycle tips above do not need any difficult materials and can be made whenever and wherever you are.
We’d love to hear or see, how you’ve put our baskets to use over the years, whether it’s been sneaked out into the shed for tools/seeds or a central feature in your living room,
please tag us in your Instagram post!




Valentine's Day Traditions Around the World That May Surprise You

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Valentine's Day Traditions Around the World That May Surprise You image

A long time ago Valentine's Day used to be a Christian celebration and started as early as 496 AD to commemorate a martyr, later declared a saint called *as you might have guessed it* Valentinus. How exactly this day of love came to be as we know it today is not exactly clear, but we don't really care about the hows and whys and are happy to munch on heart-shaped chocolates on February the 14th each year.

Since this is a fairly old celebration that has spread all over the world, each of the countries celebrating it has adapted the concept according to their cultures and mindset. If most of us associate Valentine's Day traditions with flowers, chocolates, love letters and accustomed to the 14th of February, then other countries have their own idea on when should the love day be celebrated. Not only the traditions differ but also the dates.

Scroll down below to find out more about the unusual traditions and details of Valentine's Day from all around the world. Illustrated by a talented artist, Marie Muravski, the trivia is not only fascinating but also strikingly beautiful.

While there are some commonalities around the world about Valentine’s Day traditions, there are many variations as well. Different foods are eaten, different dates symbolize different customs, and love is diversely celebrated in a way that pays homage to one’s culture. Given those differences, however, the world seems to have one specific habit in common: the desire to celebrate the beauty of love.

Whether you're searching for a small keepsake or planning to make a grand gesture, Harper & Cordon is on hand to help you spoil that special someone this Valentine's Day.⁠ While you want to make it memorable to that special someone, don't count on Cupid, count on H&CO.⁠

They say you can't rush love, but the most romantic day of the year is already around the corner peeking through. Discover now Harper & Cordon's Celebration of LOVE limited edition hampers, chocolates, sweet treats, wine and more! We'll deliver on time for the big day. What's not to love about that?




Celebration of LOVE with Harper & Cordon (2020 Valentine Collection)

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Celebration of LOVE with Harper & Cordon (2020 Valentine Collection) image

Pamper your loved ones with something extraordinary from Harper & Cordon this Valentine. Picked and packed with LOVE, our range of Valentine gifts from bubbles to bears, cookies to chocolates are guaranteed to impress every love in your life. Whether it’s your secret-admirer or your other half, there’s always a gift for everyone.

And you may call it hamper of love - especially when picked, packed and brimming with Harper & Cordon's every swoon-worthy treat for Valentine's Day. In addition to our exclusive Valentine hampers, when it comes to Valentine's Day, nothing says more than chocolates. How about heart-shaped chocolate treats that will melt your loved one’s heart the moment they bite into that first piece? Our delicious Chocolate collection will beyond doubt be the highlight of their day.

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Don't forget to surprise all the friends you love as well. A Valentine's Day gift for your friends will build the relationship even further as they enjoy the fine treat you give them. Make anyone feel loved and remembered on this Valentine's Day, no matter how big or small the gift. Don’t miss to enjoy a super sweet Valentine’s Day with Harper & Cordon’s Valentine collection, including our chocolate confectionery and lavish wines; the best gift you can give this Valentine's Day to anyone.

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8 Wang-daful Traditions To Celebrate Chinese New Year

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8 Wang-daful Traditions To Celebrate Chinese New Year image

Most commonly associated with China, Chinese New Year is in fact celebrated around the world. While most Westerners’ interaction with ‘Chinese New Year’ is watching parades in Chinatown, traditions vary from country to country. The holiday more aptly called Chinese New Year, as it marks the start of a new lunar cycle, is one of the most important holidays in Asia.

During Chinese New Year, people have a long list of things to do. From one week preceding the festival to the 15th day after, many Chinese New Year customs are widely observed for thousands of years. The family reunion dinner, eating dumplings, and setting off firework are the must-dos that you might know.

The following 8 traditions of Chinese New Year must be the list you are looking for.


Cleaning the house is a long-observed Chinese New Year tradition. The ground, the walls, and every corner of the house need to be cleaned. In Chinese, “dust” is a homophone for the word “chen", meaning the old. Therefore a year-end cleaning is needed to drive the old things or the bad luck away from the house, and get ready for a new start.

It is important to do a thorough clean up of the house before the New Year comes, so as to get rid of all the bad luck gathered from the previous year. During the first three days of New Year, it is important to remember not to do any major cleaning or sweep the floor. Otherwise, you will sweep away any new good luck!


From clothing to lanterns and calligraphy—bright, vivid red is the color of choice for Chinese New Year. It’s used in abundance everywhere feasibly possible during new year preparations. Red is considered an auspicious, lucky color in Chinese culture no matter the occasion, but particularly so during Chinese New Year.

Love of the color dates back to a centuries-old belief that evil spirits don’t like red. Nian, the mythological beast who comes out to wreck villages and feed—sometimes on children—hates noise and the color red. White and black are funeral colors; avoid wearing them to Chinese New Year parties. Vivid red is the color of choice.


Also known as Spring Festival couplets, these messages bear good wishes for the vitality of life, happiness, wealth, and prosperity. Couplets are typically pasted on doorways as a part of the festival's decoration. The couplets include two vertical scrolls on two sides and a horizontal scroll on the top on red color paper.

You can either write your own couplets or get a professional to do this for you. Look around in the flower markets and street markets, there is usually a calligrapher sitting in front of his stall, with brushes, and inkwell ready to deliver the good words with strokes.


What would a holiday season be without delicious dishes served for the occasion? Family members typically gather on New Year’s Eve for a traditional meal that encourages indulgence and symbolizes abundance. Foods are chosen for their lucky sounding names or auspicious shapes. Meals differ from region to region, but most include eight (an auspicious number) courses of a meat-heavy lineup along with a whole fish of some sort.

The fish is deliberately served late and not finished; the leftovers are saved. Not finishing the centerpiece of the meal symbolizes how the new year will be filled with surplus and abundance. A communal hotpot is also prepared in some regions. The sharing and cooking of food fuels an atmosphere of togetherness. Some other traditional dishes and lucky ingredients include jiao zi (dumplings), noodles, nian gao and Mandarin Oranges.


Other than just fun, the noise was meant to scare away malicious spirits, particularly the Nian. Because personal fireworks were banned for safety reasons in many places, local governments began organizing large fireworks shows to kick off the new year.

Firecrackers are thrown again on the fifth day of Chinese New Year to draw the attention—and favor—of ​Guan Yu, a famous Chinese general who is worshiped as a Taoist deity. The fiercely honorable general is depicted in temples and art throughout Asia holding his guan dao—a staff with a heavy blade on one end.


Forget greeting cards—give red envelopes instead! Known in Mandarin as hong bao, red envelopes containing money are often given from elders to children or unwed young adults. People with more seniority also sometimes use red envelopes to give gifts and bonuses to staff.

As with other traditions during Chinese New Year, symbolism is key. The amount of money given should be an auspicious number. Even numbers are preferable. The amount to give is a subject of much debate. Because of similar-sounding words, six and eight are considered very lucky, while four is unlucky and should be avoided. Some lucky amounts are 88, 108, and 128. Banknotes should be as new and crisp as possible; never include coins!


Yes, the two are different! The lion dance, performed by two acrobats inside a single costume, is the more common of the two dance traditions seen at celebrations. The ferocious, four-legged creature is widely—and incorrectly—referred to as a “dragon" by Westerners who aren't familiar. Dragons look entirely different. Rather than two acrobats inside of a single costume, the dragons are long creatures lifted up on poles to be controlled by performers.

Traditional dance troupes perform impressive, acrobatic feats with heavy props amid blaring noise. Drums, gongs, and firecrackers create chaos meant to discourage spirits with ill intent. Lion and dragon dances are performed on other occasions as well, but they are definitely one of the top traditions of Chinese New Year most enjoyed by travelers.


Although gift-giving during the Chinese New Year doesn’t match the intensity of Christmas in the West, gifts and thoughtful tokens are exchanged between friends, relatives, and coworkers. Visiting people on day three of Chinese New Year is considered bad luck, so many visits take place on day two. Gifts are usually brought along as people visit friends and family members in different households. Children get money and candies; adults often receive snack boxes with seeds, candy, and fruit.

With all the trouble to keep Chinese New Year conducive for good fortune, the choice of gift is very important. Gifts to avoid include watches, sandals, pears, umbrellas, mirrors, and items that are white or black. Items that total up to four should also be avoided. If you receive a gift, put it aside to open later unless the giver requests otherwise.


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5 Stunning Chinese New Year Gifts to Impress Your Picky Clients

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5 Stunning Chinese New Year Gifts to Impress Your Picky Clients image

Hustle and bustle, Chinese New Year is here! If you haven’t had the chance to impress your corporate recipients during Christmas, now is the time to redeem yourself and make that ultimate impression. We all know that oranges and red packets are most commonly exchanged between friends and family during this festive period, but what about corporate gifts during Chinese New Year?

Choosing the best Chinese New Year gift for your clients, business partners, and co-workers is certainly important as this can show them how much you value them and want the best for them this coming year. What better gift to give them than a Chinese New Year hamper? Hampers have a wide variety of goods which anyone would enjoy. From fruit hampers to gourmet hampers, you can never go wrong with them!

Bring the huat! to your clients and business associates and be remembered for it with the following Chinese New Year gifts for 2020!


Wines are often exchanged as staple business greetings, so you definitely can’t go wrong with a Chinese New Year gift of wines. Our wine collections are exclusively curated for all wine connoisseurs who prefer a sip of something lighter as compared to downing invigorating spirits or hard liquors.

Or even better, browse our Chinese New Year gift hampers of wines that are also complemented by sweet and savory treats for your recipients to admire. Wine down after a hearty Chinese New Year dinner with a celebratory toast to mark the arrival of the Lunar New Year!

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Don't miss out on our specially crafted cakes by our sister company HOWEY Patissier. Designed with well-wishes for the recipient, HOWEY presents four showstopper cakes filled with delicious layers of biscuits, liquor-infused syrups, creams, nuts, ganaches and wrapped with flavored buttercreams. Simply define!

Also introducing the new 2020 addition to our Lapis selections, Lapis Cranberry. Made with lots of butter, yolks, and cranberries, these Harper & Cordon’s classic lapis are sure to get you into Spring-spirit.

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The Lunar New Year is an occasion where we definitely can’t miss out on the fruits, especially oranges. These vibrant fruits that can be seen everywhere during the festive period are symbols of luck and good fortune. After all, what’s stopping you from sharing the good fortune through traditional gifts of CNY fruit hampers with your picky clients?

We propose a basketful of fresh and vibrant fruits to wish your associates a plentiful year of prosperity. You may also complement these baskets of plenitude with auspicious wines, prosperous treats or even festive CNY goodies for that touch of abundance. Such a juicy Chinese New Year gift hampers to suit your corporate gifting needs!

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Plants and floral blooms as symbols of life and rebirth are great Chinese New Year gift choices for welcoming the Spring Festival. In bright and radiant colors and adorned with festive accessories, these Chinese New Year flowers and plants will liven up the atmosphere and usher in positive energies for a flourishing year.

What better way is there to mark the coming season of blooms than with the gift of flowers, a clear icon of spring? Send a gift of Chinese New Year flowers to wish your corporate recipients’ youthful energies and a vibrant blooming year ahead!

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Sometimes, the festive occasion is also a time for all things loud and bright. Surprise your corporate recipients with extravagant Chinese New Year hampers to leave a lasting impression. For corporate gifts like these, the bigger and the brighter they are, the better the results.

Decked in vivid colors with eye-catching designs and decorations, our Chinese New Year gift hampers are made for attracting attention. Your picky clients will appreciate your extra efforts for securing an extravagant Chinese New Year gift, and for letting this magnificent surprise kick-start their prosperous year.

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Whichever of these gifts you choose, we can guarantee you that this Chinese New Year will certainly be a great one especially if you celebrate it with the people you care about. Whether they re colleagues, friends, or family, sending Chinese New Year Hampers can make your bonds stronger than ever.

Nothing announces Chinese New Year like the arrival of H&CO hampers at the doorstep. Celebrate by sending one to everyone this Spring festival. Explore more than 30 selections of H&CO CNY2020 Hampers and Gift Boxes collection filled with everyone's favorite of festive flavors to impress your picky clients! So take a look at our CNY2020 collection and let your greeting and gifting season begin!




Chinese New Year Gift-Giving Etiquette You Should Know

Posted by Harper and Cordon
Chinese New Year Gift-Giving Etiquette You Should Know image

It is important to be aware of the dos and don'ts of giving and receiving gifts with the Chinese New Year almost here. Chinese New Year is a time for giving; whether in the form of the popular, traditional red packet filled with money (红包 hóngbāo); or other material goods. Yet beware, if you show bad etiquette when giving a gift, even the most generous offering can be tainted.

There are some basic rules to follow when choosing and giving a gift at any time of the year, but this is especially true in Chinese New Year. The act of giving during the Chinese New Year holidays is about passing on good wishes and luck for the coming year just as much, if not more, as it is about exchanging material goods or cash.

Follow these few rules of etiquette to help you give gifts properly and respectfully.

New Year Gifts in Right Colors — Red, Yellow and Gold

Pay close attention to the color of the gift as well as to the wrapping paper or bag in which it is presented when giving a gift at Chinese New Year. The rules are simple; avoid white as it is associated with funerals, and black or blue as both are synonymous with death.

Red, yellow, and gold are the best choices as they all symbolize wealth and prosperity. If you are buying money packets for Chinese New Year, don't be mistaken into buying white envelopes because they are used to giving money at funerals.

New Year Gifts in Right Numbers — Even Number

Chinese superstition about specific numbers is another thing to consider when preparing gifts. Never give a monetary amount that includes a four because the pronunciation of 四 (four) is very close to 死 (death).

In addition to four, the majority of other even numbers are a safe choice. The luckiest number in China is eight, so a perfect sum to send is a number like 88. Besides money, when it comes to giving goods, this rule could also be followed. It is necessary to avoid a set of four gifts; while a set of eight is considered to bring luck.

Gifts Giving and Receiving Etiquette
Once you have settled on an appropriate good or a sum of money to give, there are a couple of rules to follow when actually giving (or receiving) a gift.

1. Always use two hands if you give or receive a gift. Traditionally, this is a custom extended to giving things like money (when buying something) and business cards. It is an important part of gift-giving etiquette across the country as it displays respect and appreciation towards the act and the giver.

2. When giving money ensure it is crisp and new. People across China will spend the weeks preceding Chinese New Year withdrawing crisp notes from the bank. Giving old or torn notes is considered a sign of disrespect.

3. Always start by presenting a gift to the oldest (or most senior) member if giving gifts to a large group or whole family.

4. It is considered bad form to receive a gift and open it immediately in front of the giver. The person receiving the gift would usually express their thanks before putting the gift aside to open in private later; do not take this as a sign of the recipient showing no gratitude or respect. It is expected that if you are receiving a gift you will do the same; put it to one side and open it at a later point.

Now that you know the basic Chinese New Year gift-giving etiquette, we want to help you in selecting proper gifts for your friends or hosts, enhancing the feeling of the receivers, and improving the relationship.

The most awaited Chinese New Year is less than three weeks, so there’s no time like the present to start planning your festivities. We have prepared more than 30 selections of Hampers and Gift Boxes to impress your picky clients. So take a look at our CNY2020 collection and let your greeting and gifting season begin!




Greeting and Gifting with Harper & Cordon (2020 CNY Collection)

Posted by Harper and Cordon

In the world where options are endless and choices are limitless, Harper & Cordon believe to only provide the best. Over the years, we pride ourselves to be the master of gourmet gifts by creating the most innovative hampers filled with handcrafted exceptional treats in Indonesia.

The time has come to celebrate the most awaited Chinese New Year festival. If there is something you can give to impress your picky recipients, that would be our CNY2020 hampers. To keep the tradition of gifting alive, H&CO presents a collection of beautiful red cube hampers patterned with the well wishes to the recipients. All wishes are to uplift the spirit of Chinese New Year to the festivities.

Lift the red lid of our cube hamper and find a range of extravagant and most luxurious gourmets imaginable. Send your family, friends, clients and business partners beautiful gourmet hampers this Chinese New Year. Discover 24 CNY hamper creations bursting with scrumptious cookies, delectable chocolates, and fine wines. There’s really no finer gourmet gift than Harper & Cordon.

Don't miss out our specially crafted cakes by our sister company HOWEY Patissier. Designed with well-wishes for the recipient, our sister company, HOWEY presents four showstopper cakes filled with delicious layers of biscuits, liquor-infused syrups, creams, nuts, ganaches and wrapped with flavored buttercreams. Simply define!

Also introducing the new 2020 addition to our Lapis selections, Lapis Cranberry. Made with lots of butter, yolks, and cranberries, these Harper & Cordon’s classic lapis are sure to get you into Spring-spirit.

With so much waiting for you to discover, let the greeting and gifting season begin! Discover Harper & Cordon’s selection of extraordinary hampers, scrumptious festive delights and many more at the 24/7 online shop





7 Christmas Traditions Around the World That May Surprise You

Posted by Harper and Cordon
7 Christmas Traditions Around the World That May Surprise You image

There are so many Christmas traditions: trimming your Christmas tree, baking Christmas cookies, and opening presents, to name a few. But what are Christmas traditions around the world like? You'll soon find that many countries celebrate the holiday differently than usual.

Would you like rotten potatoes left in your shoes on Christmas morning? How about Kentucky Fried Chicken for your Christmas dinner? Believe it or not, both of those are actual Christmas traditions around the world. From Christmas by the beach in New Zealand that features fresh seafood, to hot porridge that keeps families warm during the cold Finland winter, you'll discover just how different these global holiday traditions are.

Although you may find that some Yuletide rituals remain the same, like singing carols, decorating a Christmas tree, making advent calendars, and feasting on a lot of ham, we think the following Christmas traditions around the world may surprise you.


Every year, the city of San Fernando holds Ligligan Parul (or Giant Lantern Festival), that features dazzling parols (lanterns) that symbolize the Star of Bethlehem. Each parol consists of thousands of spinning lights that illuminate the night sky. The festival has made San Fernando the "Christmas Capital of the Philippines."
Originally, the lanterns were simple creations around half a meter in diameter, made from ‘papel de hapon’ (Japanese origami paper) and lit by candles. Today, the lanterns are made from a variety of materials and have grown to around six meters in size. They are illuminated by electric bulbs that sparkle in a kaleidoscope of patterns.


The Yule Goat has been a Swedish Christmas symbol that dates back to ancient Pagan festivals. However, in 1966, the tradition got a whole new life after someone came up with the idea to make a giant straw goat now referred to as the Gävle Goat.

According to the official website, the goat is over 42 feet high, 23 feet wide and weighs 3.6 tons. Each year, the massive goat is constructed in the same spot. Fans can even watch a livestream from the first Sunday of Advent until after the New Year when it's taken down.


Although Christmas isn't a national holiday in Japan (an estimated one percent of the population is Christian, according to Smithsonian Magazine), its citizens still find an interesting and delicious way to celebrate. Rather than gathering around the table for a turkey dinner, families head out to their local Kentucky Fried Chicken.

The tradition began in 1974 after a wildly successful marketing campaign called, "Kurisumasu ni wa kentakkii!" or "Kentucky for Christmas!" The fast-food chain has maintained its Yuletide popularity—forcing some people to order their boxes up to months in advance or stand on two-hour-long lines to get their "finger lickin' good" food.


In the 13 days leading up to Christmas, it is believed that 13 tricksy troll-like characters come out to play in Iceland. The Yule Lads (jólasveinarnir or jólasveinar in Icelandic) visit the children across the country over the 13 nights leading up to Christmas. For each night of Yuletide, children place their best shoes by the window and a different Yule Lad visits leaving gifts for nice girls and boys and rotting potatoes for the naughty ones.


On Christmas morning, Finish families traditionally eat a porridge made of rice and milk topped with cinnamon, milk, or butter. Whoever finds the almond placed inside one of the puddings "wins"—but some families cheat and hide a few almonds so the kids don't get upset. At the end of the day, it is customary to warm up in a sauna together.


Because Kiwis celebrate Christmas during their summer, a number of their traditions center around where families and friends gather for a casual cookout of fresh seafood, meat, and seasonal vegetables. The New Zealand Christmas tree is the Pohutukawa, a coastal species that blooms a bright-red color in December, providing shade during the sunny days as they sing carols in both English and Maori.


Perhaps one of the most unorthodox Christmas Eve traditions can be found in Norway, where people hide their brooms. It’s a tradition that dates back centuries to when people believed that witches and evil spirits came out on Christmas Eve looking for brooms to ride on. To this day, many people still hide their brooms in the safest place in the house to stop them from being stolen.

No matter how you’re celebrating, make sure you have your own selection of rituals or customs that make this holiday season so special. After all, Christmas traditions around the world are loud, proud, and guarantee oodles of festive fun. It’s all back to its root, the season of giving.

This is the special time of year when hearts and bellies are at their fullest is closer than you think. So, don’t miss the most important list-to-do, your gifting and feasting planning. From jam-packed hampers to celebratory tipples and glorious gifts, there’s still time, find your very merriest Christmas with Harper and Cordon.

Whichever Christmas traditions around the world, we think they all are wonderful in their own way – and are guaranteed to put you in the festive spirit. Wishing you peace, joy, and all the best this wonderful holiday has to offer. May this incredible time of giving and spending time with family bring you the joy that lasts throughout the year.




7 Wonderful Ways to Create Your Perfect Christmas Table Setting

Posted by Harper and Cordon

Christmas is already around the corner! It’s a perfect moment to celebrate with your loved ones. Family and friends will come together to share Christmas meals. So it’s not exaggerating to say that the way you decorate your tables is as much important as all of the foods you are going to eat.

However, we admit that decorating a table for Christmas dinner is not as easy it seems. It isn’t just about putting fancy cutleries on your dinner table or bringing out your aesthetic candles. You also need to make sure that this decorated table will make everyone feel comfortable and keep them to come back year after year. Follow our guide and have your perfect Christmas table setting done in no time.


One of many reasons why Christmas become our favorite time of the year is the decoration. So, don’t be afraid to experiment with your Christmas setting table. Go all out! Combine colors that you wouldn’t usually combine! Make your table sparkle with a touch of gold! You can combine it with a red color to create your Brilliant Bordeaux ambiance.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to paint your table red or gold. Cover your table with a red cloth. Use gold-themed plates and put them on the table. Don’t forget a gold centerpiece to add drama to the table design. As a finale, put a special gift for each guest, wrapped in the red and gold-themed papers.


Yes, Christmas is associated with red and green colors. But you don’t always have to go with that. If you’re looking for a breakout from the usual holiday color palette, just go with the combination of black and white. Use a white tablecloth to create a clean and neat aesthetic. Meanwhile, black silverware will give a modern feel to the overall table design. Then have yourself a merry White Christmas theme on the go.


As a great host, you must only want the best for your Christmas guests. So don’t hesitate to bring out your best cutleries collection. This doesn’t only include spoons and forks, but also plates and glasses. If you feel like your cutleries don’t go well enough with this year’s theme of Christmas table dinner, you can always go shopping.


You might not use cloth napkins every day, but Christmas is the perfect excuse for cloth napkins to make a comeback. They are such perfect items for such a special day like Christmas. Cloth napkins can add a little something extra to your Christmas setting table without requiring too much effort.

However, if you’re having a large number of guests, it can cost a lot of money to buy new fancy napkins. As an alternative, you can use paper napkins instead. Fold them into an attractive design so that you can save more money without hurting your Christmas setting table.


To create an enjoyable Christmas dinner, you need to make sure that every guest feels comfortable spending their time at your home. The key is to make your guests relaxed. You can put a home fragrance like our Harper Reed Diffuser or Cordon Reed Diffuser on your table. These diffusers will provide a relaxing smell that adds more comfort to your Christmas dinner atmosphere.

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Next, make sure that your table has a stunning centerpiece as the center of attention. A festive wreath may sit on the center of the table filled with candles for a quick and easy touch. sturdy pillar candles in varying sizes on a heatproof mat and make sure the foliage is away from the flame. Or as an alternative, select battery-powered candles that can look as good as the real thing also.

A greenery and blooms runner is a low-profile floral choice that is easy for guests to chat over – place down the center of the table entwined with some battery-powered fairy lights and add a couple of baubles to the mix.


Who doesn’t love a tasty Christmas treat? It’s an undeniable fact that it is one of the best parts of the holidays. Preparing for your big Christmas party or Christmas dinner menu with friends and family not only gets you into the holiday spirit, but it's a great way to make lasting memories too.

This year, allow your creativity to flow when it comes to decorating your Christmas menu. In that spirit, Harper and Cordon has rounded up the best Christmas treats and sweets that will add some beauty to your Christmas table as well as to please the heart and bellies. Get creative and try something different this year!

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Make sure your Christmas lunch or dinner is as festive and impressive as possible by following our helpful guide and bring some added wow factor to your table setting this festive season. We wish you are going to have a wonderful Merry Christmas and we hope you’ll have an amazing time with your loved ones!