The Dos and Don’ts of Gift-Giving Around the World

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The Dos and Don’ts of Gift-Giving Around the World image

With the holiday season upon us, giving gifts is top of mind for many of us these days. But whether you are celebrating Christmas, New Year or any other seasonal holiday, in many cultures, exchanging gifts for loved ones, friends or acquaintances is a tradition throughout the year.

While there is almost no one does not enjoy receiving a gift, finding the right present can be tricky, especially when the friend, colleague or boss comes from another part of the world. So we want to share a quick guide to giving gifts around the world with you.

Insist a little
China, Singapore, Taiwan, South Korea, and Japan

 You should expect to be rejected once, twice, or even three times when giving a gift in many East Asian countries. This is done to avoid seeming greedy or impatient. You are well-advised to do the same when you are offered a gift in one of these places if you want to be polite. Also, you're expected to thank them when the person finally accepts the gift.

Hand it over with care
India, Africa, the Middle East, and East Asia

How you handle your gifts in Asia and the Middle East is very significant. The left hand is considered unclean in India and the Middle East, so use your right hand to give and receive gifts (unless the gifts are so heavy, then use your two hands). But, always give or accept a gift in East Asia (China, Thailand, Vietnam) with both hands, palms up.

Give gifts as a thank-you
Asia, Russia

After receiving a gift and as a thank-you for the hospitality, gifts are given to show gratitude throughout Asia. In Russia, thank-you cards are considered as impractical; instead, send your hosts a small gift after dinner or overnight stay.

Leave sharp objects at home
East Asia, Brazil, Italy, Peru, and Switzerland

Scissors, knives, and basically anything pointy or sharp, represent the severing of ties and relationships in more countries than you might imagine — a decision that you would actually prefer to avoid when you have the time of buying and wrapping a gift.

Avoid taboo objects
China, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan

Don't give an umbrella to someone in China — it means you want to end the relationship. Always avoid giving a green hat in China and Hong Kong; they convey an unfriendly message that your wife is cheating or that your sister is a prostitute.  Straw sandals, handkerchiefs, and clocks are also taboo in these two cultures because of their association with mortality. For the same reason, skip brooches and handkerchiefs in Italy. Forget to hand over a potted plant as a hostess gift in Japan — it's thought to encourage illness.

Pick a lucky number
Asia, Europe

When you’re gifting multiples of flowers, money, or chocolates, be sure to steer clear of unlucky numbers at all times. Because only even numbers are lucky in East Asia. Except the number four, which in many Asian languages has the unfortunate luck of sounding like the word for death. On the other hand, odd numbers are the choice of local people in Europe and India, with the unsurprising exception of 13.

Wrap it up

Experts from all over the world agree that gifts should always be wrapped up. That being said, the symbolism of colors varies from country to country. Avoid white, black, and blue gift wrap throughout Asia as they are associated with mourning. And while the yellow paper in India is considered cheerful and suitable for celebratory gifts, in China if it is covered in black writing used solely for gifts to the dead.

Due to their association with death and religious ceremonies, black and purple are abandoned in South America, and in Italy purple is simply considered unlucky. Color, folds, and ribbons are not just an important element of presentation — they are symbolic in many cultures, and the wrong wrapping could send the wrong message.

No gifts, please
Yemen, Saudi Arabia

In these countries, it is considered embarrassing to receive a gift from anyone other than the closest of friends. When you happen to have a best buddy from this part of the world, prepare to have any gift you give thoroughly examined — it's a sign of appreciation and respect for the gift and giver, who is supposed to carefully select the best quality possible. Don't give men something made of silk or gold.

After all, every gift is a wish for happiness. No matter what the occasion, show your gesture of generosity and express your happiness to celebrate it with family, friends or your loved ones through our exclusive gift box or hamper selections filled with handcrafted cookies, travel cakes, and chocolates designed to please any connoisseur.

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5 Tea-riffic Steps to Host Your Perfect Tea Party

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5 Tea-riffic Steps to Host Your Perfect Tea Party image

Tea parties are the perfect excuse for an afternoon gathering with friends together to share great food, stories and a laugh or two. A good tea party is about creating an old-timey, gracious ambiance, and that requires attention to detail.

You don't have to live in a palace, serve loads of expensive food or hire wait staff to do the honors. A tea party may be an affair between late morning and late afternoon. It can be held indoors or outdoors, and it can include from as few as two people to more than a hundred.

We’re big fans of all things British, and afternoon tea is no exception. Drinking tea became common within the United Kingdom in the seventeenth century, although enjoying it in the afternoon was not popularized until later.

In the 1840s Anna, the seventh Duchess of Bedford, would entertain and host a small meal around four o’clock in the afternoon while dinner was commonly served closer to eight.

How to host an elegant tea party

Derived from the English afternoon tea, tea parties are elegant events perfect for celebrating special occasions like birthdays, engagements, or simply gathering with friends.

A tea party is a tasteful affair. Make sure your decor and table setting establish the appropriate mood by following these few easy steps.


Use a white tablecloth or marble table to make your setup feel clean and elegant. Place the teapot and cake stand in the center, with cream and sugar nearby. Ensure each guest has a small plate, a teacup, and a saucer.


Offer a selection of teas including black tea, herbal tea, and green tea. Opt for loose tea options over teabags when possible. Preheat your teapot with hot water to prevent the pot from cooling the tea.

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Serve finger foods that can be eaten without additional utensils. Do not serve a meal. Tea is intended as a snack between lunch and dinner. Serve both sweet and savory treats for a variety of flavors.

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Be sure to include a napkin on each saucer for your guests. Add a place card to make your attendees feel extra special. Use fresh flowers as sweet decor elements as well as table arrangements.


Time to get crafty and send guests home with their favorite custom tea blend of the day or some sweet treats. Makeover some glass jars and simply fill with their tea combination of choice or package up with a brass tea strainer so friends can relive your tea party sparkle at home.

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Tea party etiquette

The host should extend an invitation specifying the time, venue, and any special attire requests. Guests are expected to arrive promptly, find their place card, and mingle. Now here are some other key etiquette rules to help you.

  • Only pick up your saucer if you are standing. If that is the case, pick up your cup and saucer together, holding your cup in one hand and the saucer in the other.

  • Avoid placing too much food on your plate as it is intended to be a snack rather than a full meal.

  • A hostess gift is not required, but loose tea would always be appreciated.

  • Do not leave your spoon on your saucer or on the table. Tea can quickly stain linens.

  • Do not place the sugar spoon on your saucer. Pour the sugar in your tea as a courtesy to other guests.

  • Scones are not to be eaten with a fork or knife. Feel free to use your hands when eating.

Setting the table according to general etiquette rules will improve the experience of your guests and provide a foundation to which you can add your personal style.

“A cup of tea is an excuse to share great thoughts with great minds.”




Harper and Cordon Supports 2019 HARBOLNAS

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Harper and Cordon Supports 2019 HARBOLNAS image

Do you know that HARBOLNAS (Hari Belanja Online Nasional) is an annual event that is jointly practiced by six major e-commerce in Indonesia since 12 December 2012? They are Lazada Indonesia, Zalora, Blanja, PinkEmma, Berrybenka and Bukalapak.

This shopping party with its largest discount is supported by a number of partners such as the industry of telecommunications, banking, logistics to the media. Harbolnas 2019, now controlled by Asosiasi E-Commerce Indonesia (idEA), has proven significantly with the number of participants reaching more than 250 online shopping platforms.

This year, HARBOLNAS invites more of Indonesia’s digital players to join the campaign. ‘Cause the more the merrier, right? It is aiming to encourage more UMKM (Usaha Menengah Kecil Mikro) players to go online and feel the business impact of HARBOLNAS side by side with big e-commerce players also and how e-commerce could support small cities’ trade business.

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7 Gifting Trends for the Christmas Season

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As the countdown to the Christmas season begins, we have compiled a list of this year’s top trends – what is inspiring people for the upcoming celebrations or what is the perfect gift for creating the greatest memories.

Some people seem to start looking for ideas for Christmas as early as June! Yeah, we thought it was also a bit early, but hey, there's nothing like being organized!

According to Pinterest, people start looking for inspiration for what to cook, how to decorate, and what to buy up to three or four months in advance for most seasonal moments like Christmas and New Year.

Personalization, self-love, sustainability and making memories are the key themes this year. Here are the gifting trends we think will continue to sparkle this holiday season.


Wellness is bound to jingle some bells this holiday season. This category experienced a whopping rise of 231% year over year growth. Top trending ideas include workout and relaxation gear alike: essential oils, hydration jugs, workout outfits, shower melts, and aromatic playdough.


We all enjoy daydreaming about home decoration and that's a reality – the category has seen an increase of 123 % over the year! Clearly, during the cool months, we all want to get extra cozy and share the warmth with others! This season it’s all about bringing the Hygge home. Think warm-toned basics like brass kitchen hardware, terracotta candle holders, crochet blankets, fairy lights, and copper kitchen utensils.


During this magical time of the year, bling-bling things are always on everyone’s minds. This year 37% more people consider gifting some jewelry to their loved ones. Top trending pieces include dainty gold rings, vintage emerald engagement rings, leafy earrings, pineapple pendants, and leather bracelets.


Tangled cords are not nearly as fun as tangled Christmas lights – at least you don’t deal with the latter every day! This year, 34% more gift-givers want to treat their close ones to something practical: cable organizers, functional backpacks, wearable, and personalized tech gizmos are among the most popular gift ideas in this category.


This one shouldn’t come as a surprise as toys and games always take center stage during the holidays (after all, it’s kids who win the season). With year over year growth in the category up 32%, gift-givers are bound to put a bow on these ideas: stuffed animal hammocks, take-along legos, and eco-friendly games.


Foodies rejoice – edible and drinkable gifts are in higher demand this season. This year guests are planning out their hosting gifts early on. The dessert category has seen a 63% year over year growth, and drinks save increased by 21% within the same period.


The good old “gifts baskets” have just gotten a bit more elaborate – 257% more people search. The best part is that the gift basket idea can be easily combined with the previous trends – think a hosting basket full of little favorite things for your dearest ones.

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2019 Harper and Cordon Christmas Collection

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2019 Harper and Cordon Christmas Collection image
Your Merriest Christmas Starts Here.
Christmas has arrived at H&CO this year and there are plenty of reasons to celebrate this season of gifting. Allow yourself to immerse in our selection of gifts - from Scandinavian-knitting-themed hampers to delicious Christmas ‘balls’. At H&CO, we wholeheartedly committed to your extraordinary gift-giving. That’s why we have delicious gifts for everyone this Christmas.

Join us to celebrate the most wonderful season of the year in style. You know anything with ‘H&CO’ on it is guaranteed to impress…

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Why Chocolate is The Secret to Happiness?

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Why Chocolate is The Secret to Happiness? image

If you think thoroughly, whichever the holiday or celebration is – Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day – somehow we always celebrate it with chocolate. A bite into a piece of chocolate, then close your eyes and savor the moment – happiness can be so just easy to achieve! But why?

History of CacaoChocolate consumption goes back at least 4,000 years, to the peoples of present-day Mexico: the Mayans, Aztecs and their predecessors, the Olmec. They roasted the fermented seeds from cocoa pods just like we do today, grinding the roast to a powder which they used to make a chocolate beverage; a cold, foaming drink that was very different from the one we have today. Sometimes to sweeten it, they added honey. The Aztecs also added chili pepper to give the phrase “hot chocolate” a whole new meaning.

How chocolate triggers a positive feeling

If you like to enjoy a piece of chocolate every now and then, you must have noticed that this sweetness makes you happier. You could be in a good mood and that slump from earlier has completely disappeared. But why does chocolate make you happy?

One of the reasons is contained in the basic elements of cacao, the chocolate's main ingredient, which is said to have a mood-enhancing effect. ‘Tryptophan’ is one of them. The body uses it to produce the mood-elevating substance of serotonin – also known as the happiness hormone.

But that’s not the only reason why chocolate makes you happy. For example, our body perceives the fact that chocolate melts in your mouth as very pleasant. This feeling is passed on to our brain and contributes to the production of endorphins. These are natural substances that remove the pain that triggers positive feelings.

We associate chocolate with happy moments

In addition, there is also a psychological aspect of eating chocolate. We often get chocolates as a treat when we were kids. When you enjoy a piece of chocolate, these pleasant moments are unconsciously evoked.

What we eat is more than the eye meets, ‘cause it also evokes memories! These memories are overwhelmingly positive for most people, particularly with chocolate: back in our childhood, chocolate was consumed during happy holidays like Christmas and Easter. Maybe secretly fished out of the cupboard at our grandparents’ house. Or given by our Valentine?

The familiar taste of chocolate reawakens these wonderful memories, producing a nice sense of happiness and making the moment something very special. Chocolate, as you can see, is the perfect comfort food. That's why in your house you always got to have a stock of chocolates. What can we tell... Chocolates are always useful!

No matter how the debate whether the mood uplift caused by chocolate is due to actual particular ingredients in the chocolate or is more psychological in nature, the most important message is: chocolate makes you happy! And stop feeling guilty for eating sweets – just be sure you’re thinking about them as you satisfy your sweet tooth.

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Ultimate guide for a perfect Hot Chocolate at home

Posted by Howard Chandra and Nurul

What is your favorite hot beverage for any time of the day? Many of us prefer to drink tea or coffee. But one of our favorites is hot chocolate!

The consumption of chocolate drink was believed to begin around 350 BC by the Mayans. The beverage was different to what we had today. The process includes fermenting cocoa beans, referred to as xocolatl, and has become an essential part of the culture. As time goes by, chocolate drink is gaining its popularity in Europe, consumed by the European elite, introduced by the Mexican.

Hot chocolate has now become a part of an everyday essential lifestyle. One of the simplest ways to make a chocolate drink is to melt a part of chocolate block or solids and mix it with hot milk or water. Powdered form of chocolate drink is now available everywhere too. It provides convenience to enjoy chocolate drink anytime, any day.

We love to enjoy a cup of hot chocolate is in the morning as great alternative to the morning latte or in the afternoon as a delicious mood booster! We are not only talking about the time but also how to make a perfect one at home. Here’s H&CO ultimate fail-proof way to make your own hot choc:


- 250ml fresh milk (whole or skimmed)
- 2 tablespoon H&CO Hot Chocolate Powder
- Marshmallow or a dollop of whipped cream (optional)


- In a small saucepan, combine fresh milk and chocolate powder
- Turn on the heat, whisk the mixture until there are no lumps and the hot chocolate starts to boil.
- Remove from heat, pour the hot chocolate into your favorite mug and serve with some marshmallow or whipped cream (optional)

Note: you can adjust the thickness and richness of your hot chocolate by adding more chocolate powder into your milk.

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International Women's Day 2019

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International Women's Day 2019 image

"She is clothed in strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future"


See what our real women customers say about us: 

To celebrate this upcoming International Women's Day 2019 on March 08, we are rewarding all women customers a box of Cheese Puff for every IDR 200,000 spent in a single receipt.
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Valentine Collection 2019

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Valentine Collection 2019 image
Sweets for your Sweet!

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Happy St. Valentine's Day!




Happy Chinese New Year from H&CO

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Happy Chinese New Year from H&CO image

Wherever and however you are celebrating, H&CO wish you and your family a wonderful Chinese New Year celebration. May this year of Boar brings everyone Joy, Fortune and Prosperity!

新 春 快 乐 - 恭 喜 发 财

All our stores are open as usual during Chinese New Year.




H&CO CNY Short Movie

Posted by Howard Chandra

At H&CO, we believe that Spring festival is all about reunion, harmony and togetherness. While you are ready for the celebration, enjoy H&CO first ever Chinese New Year short movie:

春节在于家 - Joy of Spring lies in Family

a movie that certainly will liven up your festive spirit even more!


Directed by
Anton Kie - Sheerss

Edited by
William Iskandar - Sheerss

Written & Narrated by
Erine Wilmoore

Fayola Clio, Henny Ustin, Nurni Angsana, Jude Zhuo

Cyndi - Sheerss

Ivana Ng, Annabelle Tani

Special Thanks
Yuliana Augusly, Ardian Lim,
Mikka Lawrence, Cohive at Clapham Team

Produced by





Online Offer: SPRING2019

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Online Offer: SPRING2019 image

Don't miss out our February online offers to celebrate this Spring Festival. Get IDR 20,000 OFF by entering the code SPRING2019 upon checkout.

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2019 H&CO 禮尚往來 Collection

Posted by Howard Chandra
2019 H&CO 禮尚往來 Collection image
The Chinese music starts playing, the outfits are picked and the house is all bright and clean. But before the Chinese New Year celebration begins, there is just one thing left to do; sending out a token of appreciation or reward to those who matter - and we have the perfect presents in mind.

It has been thousand years of tradition to send gifts to family, friends, business partners and oh-so-lucky clients before the Spring festival begins. This common courtesy is to show respect, gratitude, friendship or hospitality throughout the year. In this tradition, when one receives a gift or hospitality, the recipient will respond back to the one when it is suitable. This customed reciprocity - 禮尚往來 - has been practiced for generations to build and maintain good relationships in the Chinese society.

This Spring festival, H&CO dedicates to keep the tradition alive by providing an array selection of gourmet gifts. With more than 25 selection of hampers, gift boxes and cakes, join us to celebrate this festive season. There is really no better way to gift than H&CO.

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Happy New Year 2019

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Happy New Year 2019 image

Wishing you a new fresh bright start in 2019!




A very H&CO Christmas

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A very H&CO Christmas image
Christmas always leaves a beautiful memory to end one eventful year. A lot of things change throughout the years but Christmas remains the same; charming, magical and is filled with lots of feasting. This festive season has always been in our heart.

Let H&CO delight your family and friends with range of classic blue hampers - beautifully presented and filled with enticing gourmets and goods.
Be prepared for the most wonderful season of the year with H&CO collection of hampers, gift boxes and HOWEY cakes; the best way to send a delicious gift this Christmas!