2019 H&CO 禮尚往來 Collection

Posted by Howard Chandra
2019 H&CO 禮尚往來 Collection image
The Chinese music starts playing, the outfits are picked and the house is all bright and clean. But before the Chinese New Year celebration begins, there is just one thing left to do; sending out a token of appreciation or reward to those who matter - and we have the perfect presents in mind.

It has been thousand years of tradition to send gifts to family, friends, business partners and oh-so-lucky clients before the Spring festival begins. This common courtesy is to show respect, gratitude, friendship or hospitality throughout the year. In this tradition, when one receives a gift or hospitality, the recipient will respond back to the one when it is suitable. This customed reciprocity - 禮尚往來 - has been practiced for generations to build and maintain good relationships in the Chinese society.

This Spring festival, H&CO dedicates to keep the tradition alive by providing an array selection of gourmet gifts. With more than 25 selection of hampers, gift boxes and cakes, join us to celebrate this festive season. There is really no better way to gift than H&CO.

Download 2019 禮尚往來 Collection:

The countdown to Chinese New Year has begun and yet there’s no need to panic for your gifting and feasting planning with H&CO.