Mar 30 2019

Ultimate guide for a perfect Hot Chocolate at home

What is your favorite hot beverage for any time of the day? Many of us prefer to drink tea or coffee. But one of our favorites is hot chocolate!

The consumption of chocolate drink was believed to begin around 350 BC by the Mayans. The beverage was different to what we had today. The process includes fermenting cocoa beans, referred to as xocolatl, and has become an essential part of the culture. As time goes by, chocolate drink is gaining its popularity in Europe, consumed by the European elite, introduced by the Mexican.

Hot chocolate has now become a part of an everyday essential lifestyle. One of the simplest ways to make a chocolate drink is to melt a part of chocolate block or solids and mix it with hot milk or water. Powdered form of chocolate drink is now available everywhere too. It provides convenience to enjoy chocolate drink anytime, any day.

We love to enjoy a cup of hot chocolate is in the morning as great alternative to the morning latte or in the afternoon as a delicious mood booster! We are not only talking about the time but also how to make a perfect one at home. Here’s H&CO ultimate fail-proof way to make your own hot choc:


- 250ml fresh milk (whole or skimmed)
- 2 tablespoon H&CO Hot Chocolate Powder
- Marshmallow or a dollop of whipped cream (optional)


- In a small saucepan, combine fresh milk and chocolate powder
- Turn on the heat, whisk the mixture until there are no lumps and the hot chocolate starts to boil.
- Remove from heat, pour the hot chocolate into your favorite mug and serve with some marshmallow or whipped cream (optional)

Note: you can adjust the thickness and richness of your hot chocolate by adding more chocolate powder into your milk.

H&CO Hot chocolate powder is made of a mixture of couverture chocolates, milk powder, sugar, and cocoa powder.  It contains no added artificial coloring, flavoring nor preservatives. Get yours delivered to your doorstep today here