Feb 12 2020

Valentine's Day Traditions Around the World That May Surprise You

A long time ago Valentine's Day used to be a Christian celebration and started as early as 496 AD to commemorate a martyr, later declared a saint called *as you might have guessed it* Valentinus. How exactly this day of love came to be as we know it today is not exactly clear, but we don't really care about the hows and whys and are happy to munch on heart-shaped chocolates on February the 14th each year.

Since this is a fairly old celebration that has spread all over the world, each of the countries celebrating it has adapted the concept according to their cultures and mindset. If most of us associate Valentine's Day traditions with flowers, chocolates, love letters and accustomed to the 14th of February, then other countries have their own idea on when should the love day be celebrated. Not only the traditions differ but also the dates.

Scroll down below to find out more about the unusual traditions and details of Valentine's Day from all around the world. Illustrated by a talented artist, Marie Muravski, the trivia is not only fascinating but also strikingly beautiful.

While there are some commonalities around the world about Valentine’s Day traditions, there are many variations as well. Different foods are eaten, different dates symbolize different customs, and love is diversely celebrated in a way that pays homage to one’s culture. Given those differences, however, the world seems to have one specific habit in common: the desire to celebrate the beauty of love.

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