Cindy Lailani, Community & Space Manager for Clapham


It's never (ever) a wrong idea to trust H&CO caters for our events. Products are very well presentable and undoubtly delicious. On the side note, I've always admire how H&CO takes care of their branding to the point of collecting piles of their packaging (oops!). The whole H&CO experience are value worthy!

Herlynda, Gelatiere


It’s pretty simple...if you are looking for high quality products as a gift or for your own consumption, look no further than H&CO. H&CO consistently delivers in taste, presentation and quality. My personal favorite is the cookies. They are truly to die for. I love the salted caramel butter cookies while my 3 year old son loves the chocolate sandwich cookies. For me, the cookies at H&CO are truly exceptional that whenever I have guests from out of town, I will buy them a box as a gift from Medan!

Nora, Private Piano Instructor


Health has always been on top of my list of life priorities; but I have a sweet tooth -- a major one, in fact. Paradoxical as it may sound, I need cakes, cookies, pastries, or chocolates on daily basis to keep my mood swing in check; hence the presence of H&CO's products in my household throughout the year. As a mother of two toddlers, I need to instill in my children a positive attitude towards food. Despite the unfavourable reputation that desserts tend to get, they don't deserve to be eliminated altogether. My children just need to know how to choose and consume wisely. That said, apart from their impeccable service, H&CO tick all the boxes for their dependable source of ingredients, quality assurance, and commercial integrity. What more could I ask for?

Yenny Heriana, Mother & Creativepreneur


Bahagianya menjadi new parents makin sempurna dengan paket Baby Full Month dari H&CO. Selain rasa berkualitas dan kemasannya presentable, pilihannya juga bervariasi (dari segi budget sampai itemsnya). Bisa di custom lagi... Apalagi kalau si penerima juga happy karena H&CO memang bergengsi dan ramai disukai. 

Heidi Sitompul, Healthy Lifestyle Consultant


Di dalam cake HOWEY saya bisa merasakan karakter seorang Howard Chandra (as the pastry chef), yang selalu pasionate dengan pekerjaannya, perfectionis dengan ingredientsnya dan detail dengan designnya. Oleh karena itu, setiap saya mengkonsumsi cakes dari HOWEY, itu membuat saya happy dan juga menjadi teman sweet escape di kala galau melanda.. Favorit saya di HOWEY adalah Red Velvet Cake & Tiramisu.. Thank you HOWEY for making good cakes!

Felisia, Business Executive


H&CO, One stop boutique for all the gift we needed. Good price, good service, delicious taste with glamourous packaging.